Business Practices

One of the many ways Adirondack provides outstanding service to our clients is through our use of e-commerce.

Our Electronic Document Management System enables us to easily manage candidates and submissions

Through online job postings, Skype, and electronic timesheets, we connect with consultants worldwide

Smartphones mean our account managers never miss a call or email; they’re always there to help

Partnerships & Joint Ventures

In today’s highly competitive business world, partnerships and joint ventures allow corporate strengths to be combined to provide greater opportunities to all parties involved.
We welcome the opportunity to enter into these mutually beneficial agreements; they allow us to increase our business potential and expand our presence as an Indigenous firm.

Procurement Vehicles

Adirondack Information Management is an approved vendor for numerous Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements, and we make use of all avenues available to us in order to source new opportunities. We provide services to our government clients through the use of the following methods of supply:
Task-Based Informatics Professional Services SO #EN578-120158/295/EI SA #EN578-055605/491/EI Adirondack holds a Standing Offer and a Supply Arrangement on Tier 1 and Tier 2 as both an Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal offeror. The TBIPS method of procurement is used in the provision of various technical and professional disciplines, and is available to all Government departments with Informatics requirements.

Environmental Policies

At Adirondack, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously, so we have implemented numerous environmentally friendly business practices:

Most communication is conducted electronically. This includes testing candidates, sending quality control cards, and submitting timesheets.

We submit bids electronically whenever permitted and print proposals double-sided to reduce our paper use.

We only buy recycled-content paper, we recycle our printer cartridges, and we recycle or donate outdated devices to cut down on e-waste.

Corporate Profile

If you'd like more information about Adirondack, download our Corporate Profile.

Corporate Profile