Community Involvement


Adirondack has partnered with Indigenous organizations and causes, such as the Native Alliance of Quebec, to share the successes of the company and benefit our Indigenous roots.

Women's Expression
Adirondack is proud to announce our support for Women's Expressions as a primary sponsor of the upcoming Goddess Fashion Shows and related events. As part of our philanthropic mission, we are committed to contributing to various causes through fundraising initiatives. Partnering with Women's Expressions aligns perfectly with our values of empowering women and promoting diversity and inclusivity. Together, we aim to create meaningful impact and bring about positive change in our communities.
Algonquin College
Adirondack is supporting Indigenous students by contributing to the Algonquin College’s Migiwewin Indigenous Initiatives Fund. This fund aims to empower and support Indigenous students and offer cultural opportunities.
Adirondack is proud to support the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health and their Igniting the Spirit Gala. In addition to providing essential health services for the community, Wabano provides counselling and mental health support, outreach to those experiencing homelessness, parenting support for families, and care to isolated seniors.