ProServices Award Notice

Adirondack is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a ProServices Supply Arrangement from Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Adirondack’s Joint Venture has been pre-qualified to supply categories in the following streams:

Stream 1 – Application Services
Stream 7 – Telecommunications Services
Stream 8 – Human Resources Services
Stream 10 – Project Management Services
Stream 11 – Real Property Project Management Services
Stream 12 – Technical, Engineering and Maintenance Services

Under this Supply Arrangement, we are able to respond to both Aboriginal set asides and standard RFPs issued through the vehicle.

The ProServices Supply Arrangement replaces PS Online and covers the Streams and Categories of the TBIPS and TSPS procurement vehicles. It is for use on requirements below the NAFTA threshold and has no ceiling rates, allowing more flexibility than other procurement vehicles.

If you have any questions regarding ProServices, one of our dedicated Account Managers can provide you with additional information.