Senior Database Administrator




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Job Description:


Senior Database Administrator to work on a team developing the practice for SQL/MySQL server administration



  • Build standards for MS SQL and MySQL/MariaDB for:


  • Installation
  • Patching
  • Upgrading
  • Backups



  • We see moving to 4 standard scenarios:


  • Virtual servers with multiple DBs
  • Virtual servers with standalone DB
  • Virtual always on cluster with multiple DBs
  • Virtual always on cluster with standalone DB



  • Assist with architecting and building these environments
  • Assist in DB server upgrades for MS SQL and database migrations to new versions
  • Help with the architecture of how shared DB servers should be structured


  • Best practice on how many DBs/server
  • What criteria are used to decide what DBs can go on the same shared server?
  • When to allocate a standalone server



  • Help with setup and configuration of MS SQL always on DB clusters and patching